How Healthy Eating Habits Can Help Reduce Depression and Assist in Cultivating Good Gut Bacteria

All human beings are born with genes that predispose them to all sorts of things. Even though you have control over how your genes get to express themselves, you are more or less stuck with your human genome.

But this does not mean that you have to be permanently stuck with the depression disorder. The following tips will assist you in tackling this problem:

Make Lifestyle Changes by Doing Away with Processed Foods and Sugar

Diets that have a high sugar content can impair your ability to adapt to changing circumstances. This is also referred to as cognitive flexibility.

Changes in your gut bacteria can also impact your short-term and long-term memory. It is important to note that a simple molecule containing fructose and glucose can have a negative impact on your microbial balance.

Simple molecules are easily digested and absorbed by the small intestine. All this is done without the input of the microbes.

As such, the bugs in your gut are left hungry. They, therefore, start nibbling on the mucus lining of your small intestines. Permeation of the intestinal walls leads to food particles finding their way into your bloodstream.

The immune system will then alert your brain. Other organs in your body will then go on the attack. The result is inflammation of your body.

Eat Lots of Dietary Fiber and Plants

Many dietary experts recommend changing your diet as a way to improving your gut bacteria. You have to ensure that you strike a balance between your grain and fruits intake.

You will also need to increase your intake of green leafy vegetables. When you eat more plants, your body can achieve and maintain proper microbial diversity.

Once achieved, it leads to a happier disposition as well as a much clearer mind. Dietary fiber provides the bugs in your gut with plenty to eat, ensuring that they do not attack your intestinal walls.

Limit Your Use of Antibiotics

Certain cases require the use of antibiotics to treat infections and diseases. But you cannot afford to use antibiotics every time you feel unwell.

Regular usage of antibiotics ends up killing the diverse nature of your microbiota. The result is that you expose your body to more health hazards than you may have initially intended.

Try Eating Fermented Foods

Fermented foods are considered to be the best types of probiotics that can be used to feed your gut. The food has been known to provide broad bacteria combinations.

As such, eating this type of food enhances your chances of getting useful bacteria. Yogurt is one of the most common, and readily available fermented foods.

You must, however, ensure that the yogurt you intend to consume is not sweetened. Additional examples of fermented foods include kombucha tea, kefir, pickles, and kimchee.

Be sure to check the alcohol content in any fermented drink that you intend to consume. Certain kefir and kombucha teas tend to have a higher alcohol percentage than your everyday beer.

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