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The following are some of the trends that have been trending all year long:

Healthy Eating Also Translates to Ethical Eating

Be it animal husbandry or ethical eggs; many consumers have taken a keen interest in food production processes.

It is something that has seen laws being passed to ensure that animals are treated humanely. Massachusetts, for instance, recently voted on a law that sought to ban inhumane animal confinement.

Seventy-eight percent of all the registered voters in the state voted in support of the law. It goes to show that consumers have become conscious of the ethical eating concept, and are eager to do whatever it takes to sustain it.

Nutrition Trends

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Organic Produce Popularity Continues to Grow with Each Passing Day

More individuals are becoming aware of the dangers posed by pesticides to their everyday health. Millennials have, for instance, become cognizant of the importance of good nutrition. They are, therefore, demanding access to food that is nutritious and healthier.

This demand has led to the robust growth of organic farming, which has this year recorded double-digit growth.

You should, however, remember that a store selling organic produce does not translate to its owners caring and protecting the environment. Therefore, be on the lookout for stores that only sell organic produce, if this is where your interest lies.

This reduces the chances of the produce being cross-contaminated. It also guarantees that the organic farmer is doing things the way he is supposed to be doing them.

Mock Tails: The Booze Free Drinks That Leave a Huge Smile on Your Face

Mocktails are booze-free drinks that are not only thoroughly constructed, but they are also delicious and eye-catching.

You can find the recipes to create these drinks on various healthy living websites. Do not be afraid to indulge yourself in this delicious and highly nutritious beverage.

People Have Moved to Minimize Food Wastage

Nearly half of all the food prepared in the United States goes to waste. But this year has been a little different as people have learned how to minimize wastage.
Proper planning has made it possible for people to use up all the ingredients that they purchase to prepare a certain meal. It has also contributed to environmental conservation efforts while enabling people to save money.

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Turmeric’s Rising Popularity

Turmeric is one of the most researched dietary ingredient and supplement. In 2018, the supplement has been used in all kinds of products.

It can be found in tonics and juices. Some people have used it to color their macaroni, while others are using the supplement to drive up the sales of their herbal supplements.

The supplement is favored by many as it supports healthy responses to inflammation, and also improves your cognitive functions. These are two of the most critical health aspects for many individuals.

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